Not the phone call you want to take from your teenager when you are at work on a Friday night.  I work a night job and my teenager is learning to cook.  We use Blue Apron a delivery service for two dinners a week and our 13 year old has gotten pretty good at it.  Only, she gets a little ahead of herself and maybe a little too confident when she should check with her dad on the proper pot or kitchen tool.  While he was in his office the other night, she was recreating a recipe she learned for potato salad to take to a pot luck the next day.

Four pounds of potato and one giant pot of boiling water and a 101 pound teenager who is only 4'9" do not mix well.  My Lizzie is not one for drama and when she tried to pour out the boiling water, she spilled it on her bare foot.  Now I mean ALL over the top of her foot.  She told her dad she spilled the hot water and she put cold water on it.  But he didn't realize the severity of the situation and she didn't elaborate.  She called me at work and asked what to put on it and my first reaction was lavender essential oil but wait how bad is it?

She wasn't crying but said it did hurt though, understandably!  Her biggest fear was that it would stop her from competing in the first gymnastic competition of the season the next day.  The girl finished making the potato salad AND dinner before she started to become very emotional and that is when her father realized she didn't mean she spilled hot water but that she burned the hell out of her foot!

Burns can be so nasty and this one was no different.  The next morning when I got up, I asked her to show me her foot so I could look into what I might be able to make to soothe her skin, thinking this was more like a sunburn.  Not expecting that much blistering!  More lavender, oh my goodness and a rummage through the first aid closet looking for all sizes of bandages knowing I couldn't put any adhesive on the inflamed skin but that we would need to keep that clean and covered but able to breathe in order for her to compete.

She is a trooper for sure and had a great first competition.  Couldn't keep a bandage from falling off but at least she kept it clean.  We already had a Doc appointment for Monday morning so I was comfortable waiting for a professional to look at it then.  In the mean time, I looked into what oils I could mix in a spray form to help support healing and support her with the discomfort.

There was no way she was going to rub an oil or a cream, but a spray seemed to be just right.  I love my oils!  I mixed Lavender, ravintsara, Roman Chamomile and German Camomile with some distilled water with a teaspoon of witch hazel. Lizzie started spraying that on 3-4 times a day about 24 hours after the initial accident.

Monday morning off to the doctor we went.  And I have to say I almost love our pediatrician more than my oils, ok not really but I really do love that she was very open minded when I said we have been using an essential oil spray mixture on Lizzie's foot.  I explained each ingredient and why and the doctor actually said, you are doing good keep it up!

Over the next few days the blisters filled and popped and began to bleed. And then on the first day of school we had to face the issue that since it had only been six days and the blisters were so tender, she wasn't going to be able to fit her foot into a shoe on her fist day of high school.  Oh, now it was time for drama!  We bought some suede ballerina flats and I wore big socks and stuffed my feet into them and walked around the house for hours to give them just a little more room (I wear and 9 and her an 8 or 8.5).  That's what mom's do, right?

One week after the incident the blisters had popped and the skin was finally starting to scab.  She had continued to spray her foot regularly 3-4 times a day.  Finally we were able to start using Young Living's Rose Ointment.  I was really worried this burn was going to leave a horrible scar.   But I had to trust that she would heal and I also have to remind myself how lucky we were that it wasn't her face the water splashed all over!

Then as soon as the scabs seemed to heal over we were left with tender skin and so I started to research scars and oils and how to support and promote healthy skin.  I made a roller ball with helichrysum, patchouli, lemongrass, Lavender, and V-6 oil.  It may take some time but already her foot appears so much better!

She may have a lasting scar but as time goes by, it will be so small and insignificant I am sure.  Has she made potato salad since then? No, but she has boiled water.  And she uses a much smaller pot when she does!  Why I use essential oils, because they really do work!

I trust them for my family and my family enjoys what they do for us.  It has been three years since I started my oily journey and I learn something new about them all the time. Do I know everything? No way but I know how to use my resources. Go without essential oils? No way!  What to learn more about essential oils?  Just send me a message, I am happy to help.