I saw this add for a bracelet and I guess that marketing campaign worked because I ordered it. I saw the same bracelet on someone I knew and thought, “See… I knew that bracelet looked great, I can’t wait until mine arrives!” I love what it represents. She must think like me. Find your balance, the Lokai bracelet. I bought it for a friend. I am reminded to wear it now and again, but should wear it more often for sure. There are two beads on opposite sides of a circle. One is white and encases water from Mt. Everest, the highest point on earth. It represents life’s highest moments and is a reminder to stay humble. Then in the antithesis there is a black bead that encases mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest part of the earth. It represents life’s lows and serves as a reminder to stay hopeful.

I wear it today as I contemplate the state of frustration and irritation I feel at listing my To Dos thinking I will never accomplish much and yet I have accomplished so much at the end of the day. Why is there still so much to do, I get so much done in a day? I celebrate that I have the breath to realize there is still another day on the horizon and what I cannot do today I will tackle tomorrow. Life’s joys are fleeting and life’s lows are too as there is only one way to go when on bottom, up.

I just love this bracelet! It makes me think. Do you have one? You need one.