Someone I follow on FB, Instagram and Twitter said they were going to speak this week on the subject of failure and they quoted a Japanese proverb, Fall down seven times get up eight. I was so excited - I was familiar with that proverb. Never before did the subject of failure impress me as something I wanted to read about. Most of us read about success and how to be successful, not failure! And another person I follow just posted that sometimes your best isn’t good enough and said they don’t believe in participation awards. You do or do not, there is no try – to sound like Yoda. So this subject of failure is making the rounds.

What do I say to that? Fall down, get the heck up and do it again! No quitting here.

I went through a leadership course years ago and had to make a presentation using art as a medium for the subject of leadership. I chose to paint a rendition of that same Japanese proverb. I included a few more pieces to my painting. Cherry blossoms to represent the fleeting amount of time we might have on this earth, and a koi fish swimming upstream to represent trials only to become a dragon when it accomplished its goal. I like art. I never formally studied art so I am sharing this picture with some trepidation. I think you get the idea I was trying to portray.

Never give up, try again, and keep trying. You will succeed one day.