Me Ke Aloha Life is born

Aloha! My first visit to the Hawaiian Islands was in 1994. It was a four-day honeymoon. We were so fortunate to just be there, unable to afford excursions, we walked around and found all the free things to do. In that, the spirit of aloha caught me, and I have never been able to shake that wonderful feeling. That peaceful feeling stayed with me and I have to say I love all things Hawaiian. I started Me Ke Aloha headbands as a fundraiser in 2014 when my daughter’s gymnastic team travelled to Oahu for a competition. It was amazing and took off like wildfire. Once the competition season was over, people still wanted my headbands! We found Etsy and offered them there.
The headbands stay put during all kinds of exercise. You can wear them narrow, with the fold kept in, or tease them open to the five-inch width. I keep mine a little on my forehead for best fit. No drips of perspiration make it into my eyes, my hair stays off my face and in control.

And as you can see I started making grip bags just as soon as my daughter started to wear grips on bars. So of course, we now have some great grip bags in our store. And what is really exciting, we are competing in Hawaii again next year! Have you seen our Hashtag Grip Bags? Gymnasts beware, you will NEED this new grip bag for your next season!

 We added a bunch of grip bags to our store in an effort to raise money for the traveling costs of our Optional Gymnast and her next competition season. The first meet is in January 2019 in Oahu! Each grip bag purchased, helps fund Lizzie's traveling costs and is much appreciated!

But Me Ke Aloha means so much more to me. It is a beautiful Hawaiian greeting that expresses love in a heartfelt way. Me Ke Aloha means with love in Hawaiian and when you work out you do something for yourself. You make yourself a healthier happier you: you like yourself. Do it with Aloha, and whether or not you are Hawaiian you can be Hawaiian at heart. 

We hope you enjoy the shop Blog about family, friends, fitness and food. It is a blog to talk story and share aloha. www.mekealohalife.online 
There are so many things to talk about that I hope you come back often and check in with us.If you have interests in essential oils, please find me here:

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I hope you hear the ukulele in my head as you read this and can smell the fresh fragrance of plumeria flowers as I imagine the waves crashing on the shore!  

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